Marine Automation Systems

ADVANCED CONTROL provides turnkey solutions for Integrated Automation Systems (IAS) delivered to purpose built Vessels. The IAS may be seamlessly integrated with any 3. party Navigation Bridge system utilizing common network structure and alarm handling.
Using the latest commercially available automation hardware and software allow for reduction in both costs and risks in the life cycle of an automation system.
Our Automation product range comprises:

  • Integrated Alarm System
  • Engine Control & Monitoring
  • Thruster Control
  • Power Management
  • Wireless Alarm Distribution
  • Fire Alarm & HVAC
  • Bilge, Ballast, & Sludge
  • Tank Level & Draft measurem
  • Interface to Systems

The IAS is based on standard industrial off-the-shelf computer hardware and development software from vendors with worldwide support.
Being an independent system integrator, Advanced Control AS is not committed to any particular equipment suppliers and we use a variety of hardware and software development tools to meet system specifications and customer expectations.