Safety Systems

Advanced Control provides turnkey solutions for Safety and Fire & Gas control systems utilised for offshore and mobile drilling and/or production units. Using the latest commercially available automation hardware and software is the best strategy for reducing both costs and risks in the life cycle of an automation system. This is characterised by the use of Open Safety Systems.

Being an independent system integrator, Advanced Control AS is not committed to any particular equipment suppliers and uses a variety of hardware and software for our MMI and PLC systems. This also entails continually evaluating new products and transferring experience.

AC's personnel has been involved in delivery of several PSD, ESD, and F&G, systems using different display software, PLC manufacturers and architectures. These have ranged from simple single systems through dual redundant to special triplicated systems or a combination of these as required. Our Automation product range comprises:

  • Fire and Gas Detection (F&G)
  • Shutdown (PSD)
  • Emergency Shutdown (ESD)
  • High Integrity Protection Systems (HIPS)