Process Systems

Advanced Control provides turnkey solutions for Process control systems utilised for offshore vessels and fixed installations. Using the latest commercially available automation hardware and software is the best strategy for reducing both costs and risks in the life cycle of an automation system.

Being an independent system integrator, Advanced Control AS is not committed to any particular equipment suppliers and uses a variety of hardware and software for our HMI, PLC and network architectures to meet our customer preferences.  All systems can be configured for remote access from on-shore control room facility, enabling Integrated Operation. Our Automation product range comprises:

  • Process Control and Monitoring Systems
  • Wellhead and Poduction Manifold
  • Separation and Stabilisation
  • Water, Gas and Chemical Injection
  • Produced Water Treatment
  • Flare and Fuel Gas
  • Power Generation and Distribution
  • Pumps and Compressors
  • Heat Exchange
  • Turret Turning
  • Anti Surge Control
  • Metering

The general design philosophy for the equipment is based on safety of personnel, environment, simplicity, and efficient handling. In addition, the equipment shall give easy access for inspection, maintenance and replacement of parts, if required. This would involve introducing the customer to Innovations and may be done in a study phase prior to the design freeze. Rather than dictating functional possibilities, AC welcomes close interaction with the customer and operators of the system.