Advanced Control provides turnkey solutions for Drilling control systems utilised for offshore vessels and fixed installations. Using the latest commercially available automation hardware and software is the best strategy for reducing both costs and risks in the life cycle of an automation system.
Being an independent system integrator, Advanced Control AS is not committed to any particular equipment suppliers and uses a variety of hardware and software for our HMI, PLC and network architectures to meet our customer preferences.  All systems can be configured for remote access from on-shore control room facility, enabling Integrated Operation. Our Automation product range comprises:

  • Draw work Control
  • Topdrive Control
  • Iron Roughneck Control
  • Pipe handling Control
  • Pipe transfer Control
  • Robotic Control
  • Crown - & Floor Saver System
  • Anti Colision System
  • Cement & Mud Control
  • BOP Control
  • Integrated Operator Stations
  • Drilling Control & Data Acquisition (DCDA)
  • Active Heave Compensation
  • Safety Systems
  • Power Management
  • On-line remote Service & Diagnostic

Robotic Drilling Technology

Development Project
AC works as a software developer and panel designer in development of an innovative autonomous robotic drilling rig for unmanned drilling operations. The new system (Robotic Drilling™) sets new standards with increased safety and cost-effective planning and drilling, and can be implemented on existing as well as new drilling structures both offshore and on land.
The Drill Floor System contains of the four robots/machines: Drill-Floor Robot, Robotic Pipe Handler, Electric Roughneck and Multi-Size Elevator.
Mechanically advanced and intelligently controlled Robot technology is developed based on proven Actin™ Robotic software. Actin will be responsible for simulation, control & coordinating the motion of multiple Robots and Drilling Machinery.
A highly sophisticated and advanced 3D Man Machine Interface is developed for Simulation, Visualization and Automated Control from a central control room.