Well Intervention Systems

ADVANCED CONTROL provides Winch Control Systems to the maritime Industry. AC Winch Control is designed as a generic system, which can be used in conjunction with hydraulic as well as electrical powered winches.

Our Automation product range comprises:

  • Anchor Winch Control
  • Ship Crane Control
  • Drawwork Control
  • On & Off loading Control
  • Launch & Recovery Control
  • On - & Offloading Control
  • Module Handling Control
  • Coil Tubing Control
  • Well Control
  • Wireline Winch Control & Data Acquisition
  • Cursor Winch & Guide Wire Winch Control
  • Active Heave & Constant Tension Control

AC-Winch Control is developed as a generic system for Winch and Crane applications.
The general design for the Control System is built around a flexible & modular-based PLC system with various selectable operator interfaces to fit the actual enviroment.
The application software is structured in a flexible way allowing parameter settings to configure various types of gears from different manufacturer.
Various type of operator interfaces are available, from simple joystick operation to sophisticated multipurpose control chair.