Next-Generation Fully-Electric Excavator

Battery powered

Regeneration of energy

High overall efficiency

Low emissions

Robotic operation

Innovative volume-neutral cylinder technology



Elcavator AS was founded in 2020 by inventor Per Olav Haughom, Advanced Control and AMV. Through support from Innovasjon Norge and investment from investors, the company is now in the phase of testing a full-scale prototype of the innovative Elcavator™ electric excavator.


The vision of the company is to develop and qualify next-generation fully-electric excavator technology for efficient and robotic excavation operations on a zero-emission construction site.


Historic development of excavator technology:

The development of excavator technology has gone from strictly mechanical machines with wire pull for transferring force and motion, via hydraulic force transmission to today’s systems which have integrated hydraulic and electro-hydraulic control systems.

Today’s conventional hydraulic transmission of force results in a low efficiency and is therefore not very well suited for battery power, as this would lead to the need for large batteries and costs. In addition, the conventional hydraulic systems are not suitable for re-generation of power from lowering loads.