Next-Generation Fully-Electric Excavator

Battery powered

Regeneration of energy

High overall efficiency

Low emissions

Robotic operation

Innovative volume-neutral cylinder technology



The high overall efficiency of the Elcavator™ electric excavator is made possible through the patented power transmission system with electro-drives and volume-neutral cylinders. Combined with battery power and regeneration when lowering loads, this gives an up to 90 % efficiency, which will cut operation costs of excavation operations and cut CO2-emissions significantly.


The system is prepared for including a hydrogen fuel cell, so that charging of batteries is not necessary on site, only re-filling of hydrogen.

The highly efficient force transmission technology on the Elcavator™ consist of well-proven electro-drives combined with volume-neutral cylinders, and therefore the force transmission and speed control are done with electronics, without any valves, and with possibility for re-generation of power during lowering of loads.