Next-Generation Fully-Electric Excavator

Battery powered

Regeneration of energy

High overall efficiency

Low emissions

Robotic operation

Innovative volume-neutral cylinder technology




Key elements of the Elcavator™ technology was full-scale tested on a re-built Volvo excavator type EC-140-DL at the Elcavator workshop. Conventional boom cylinders were replaced by Elcavator™ innovative volume-neutral cylinders with the same interface and stroke volume as the original boom cylinders. When hoisting the boom, a 90 % efficiency was measured, while regeneration of energy efficiency was measured to some 30%.


Elcavator AS, CTO and inventor Per Olav Haughom is very satisfied with the results of the first full-scale prototype tests, which is a proof-of-concept of the promising Elcavator™ technology. Haughom now looks forward to the next phase which is the commercialization of the technology.


Article in the professional journal "Våre Veger":




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